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Tip:Poor Balance and Toileting

From Sage for Aging

Balance problems may lead to risk of falling while going to and from the toilet, especially at night.

Materials / Supports

  • Assistive device
  • Nightlights
  • Eyeglasses
  • Incontinence products, if necessary

Try This

  1. Remove all clutter (clothing, shoes, towels, throw rugs) on the path between the bedroom and the bathroom.
  2. Put clear nightlights along the path for nighttime.
  3. Keep glasses and canes or walkers within easy reach of the bed.
  4. Before walking to the bathroom, sit on the edge of the bed and get your bearings.
  5. After standing up, stand still for a moment.
  6. Walk carefully to the bathroom.
  7. Instead of pivoting to turn in small spaces, take small steps to turn your body.
  8. When rising from the toilet, stand still for a moment before walking out.
  9. Walk carefully back to the bedroom.
  10. If the fear of losing bladder or bowel control causes you to rush from the bedroom to the bathroom, look for products to reduce the damage or inconvenience you are worried about so that you can focus on getting safely to and from the bathroom.

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