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Tip:Managing the Blues

From Sage for Aging

Manage the blues instead of letting them manage you.

Materials / Supports

  • Routine for daily or weekly activities
  • Fresh air
  • Exercise
  • Spiritual support
  • Social activities
  • Music
  • Gifts to self

Try This

  1. As much as possible, stick to a routine of self-care related to sleep, medicine, eating, bathing, and exercising. If you can’t keep up all your routines, do the ones that are most important to health and safety, such as taking medications on schedule.
  2. Go outside for fresh air. Being outside can lift a heavy mood.
  3. Do something physical, no matter what your level of physical ability is. If you can’t take a walk, do some raking from a chair, or bat a balloon around with a friend.
  4. Seek spiritual support. Ask for a visit from a clergy person or talk to a friend who can share a meaningful conversation.
  5. Limit social activities to ones that are truly enjoyable. Feel free to avoid activities or people who are draining.
  6. Listen to music you really enjoy. Or take a break from noise, and turn off the television and radio for a while.
  7. Give yourself something you don’t normally take time for, such as a concert, a meal at a restaurant, or a trip to the library to browse books and music. Look for no-cost or low-cost treats, such as free daytime concerts.