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Tip:Low Stamina and Laundry

From Sage for Aging

Weakness or limited stamina may lead to discomfort doing laundry as usual.

Materials / Supports

  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Laundry basket or bag
  • Chair
  • Rolling cart
  • Table and chair, or bed
  • Hangers

Try This

  1. Use a rolling cart to move laundry basket and hangers around the house.
  2. Keep a chair near the laundry machines, and sit to sort clothes or put clothes in the machines.
  3. Fold laundry while seated at a table or on a bed. Consider folding laundry close to where items will be stored.
  4. Move some clothing directly from the dryer onto hangers to save time and energy. (This will work for clothes that don't require ironing).
  5. Remove clothing from the dryer as soon as the drying cycle finishes, then fold or hang clothes immediately. This will prevent some of the wrinkling that occurs when clothes stay bunched together in the dryer and perhaps decrease the amount of ironing necessary.
  6. Consider whether, given your energy and other resources, it is more convenient for you to do laundry in several small washes throughout the week or to dedicate several hours once a week to doing it all at once.